[New Server] Gigantes – The Giant Dec 09, 2016

eco-inside-news-gigantesThe name “Gigantes” is usually taken to imply “earthborn”,and Hesiod’s Theogony makes this explicit by having the Giants be the offspring of Gaia (Earth). According to Hesiod, Gaia mating with Uranus bore many children: the first generation of Titans, the Cyclopes and the Hundred-Handers. But Uranus hated his children and, as soon as they were born, he imprisoned them inside of Gaia, causing her much distress. And so Gaia made a sickle of adamant which she gave to Cronus, the youngest of her Titan sons, and hid him (presumably still inside Gaia’s body) to wait in ambush.


And when Uranus came to lie with Gaia, Cronus castrated his father, and “the bloody drops that gushed forth [Gaia] received, and as the seasons moved round she bore … the great Giants.”From these same drops of blood also came the Erinyes (Furies) and the Meliai (ash tree nymphs), while the severed genitals of Uranus falling into the sea resulted in a white foam from which Aphrodite grew. The mythographer Apollodorus also has the Giants being the offspring of Gaia and Uranus, though he makes no connection with Uranus’ castration, saying simply that Gaia “vexed on account of the Titans, brought forth the Giants”.

New server Gigantes will be opened at 9 December  2016

15.30 GMT+8 ( Asia )
01.30 GMT-8 ( United States )
10.30 GMT+1 ( Europe)

We have prepared New Server Events you can join!!

In this event you need to protect your legacy on Level, Beast, Artifact, Mount, Battle Rating Ranking. There is many reward and item that you can get if you can achieve ranking 1st – 20nd.

Follow the directions to make sure you entry the qualifies:
1. All player can participate this Event
. System will choose Players from Ranking 1st – 20th.
3. System will choose automatically from the Ranking List for the Winner.
4. You need claim the reward manually.





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