[Info] Relic – Imperial Jade Seal Nov 24, 2016


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Now, we are talking about Imperial Jade Seal also known, in Chinese, Heirloom Seal of the Realm, is a Chinese jade seal carved out of the He Shi Bi, a historically famous piece of jade.


Do you know?, the Seal was carved from jade because in ancient China, jade was symbolic of the inner beauty within humans. Many tombs and burials from ancient China contained decorative jade, including a jade burial suit in 1968 that belonged to a Han prince, Liu Sheng. During the Han dynasty, the Chinese associated jade with immortality to a point where some individuals attempted to drink jade in liquid form to gain eternal life. This association further complements the idea of the Mandate of Heaven and why the Seal was carved in jade, China’s most valued material for thousands of years.

With its power, thousands enemy will be down and turn into dust!. Combination between Power and Curse, Luck and Kindess will disappear and for that, it will give you a powerful strength!

imperial-jade-seal-2For get this relic, you have to log in 2 days in game

Effect :  When attacking, you can have a chance to activate Divine Protection, a skill which can recover some of your health.

The image below will tell you how much status you will get from this relic:

imperial-jade-seal-statusWe know for some of you, it maybe not so powerful, but it’s just the beginning of awesome power!, right?.


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