[Info] Relic – Immortal Chalice Dec 30, 2016


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Now, we are talking about The Legend of the Grail – Immortal Chalice. According to medieval legend, the Holy Grail was the vessel from which Jesus Christ drank at the Last Supper, his final meal with his followers. Many works of literature describe the search for the Grail, which was believed to have sacred and mysterious powers. However, this quest, or search, did not always involve a physical object. For some, the Holy Grail represented a religious state of grace or union with God. In some accounts, the Grail held blood from Christ’s wounds and was known as the Sangreal, meaning “royal blood.”


 One of the best-known versions of the Grail’s later history is connected with Arthur, the legendary king of Britain. This account says that the Grail lay somewhere in a wild and desolate part of Britain in the castle of the Fisher King, a wounded monarch who lay between life and death. Only if the purest of knights found his way to the castle and caught a glimpse of the Grail would the Fisher King’s torment end and life be restored to his wasteland.

To the knights who sat around King Arthur’s Round Table, seeing the Holy Grail was the highest and most noble goal. They roamed the nation in search of it. Lancelot nearly achieved the quest, but the sin of his love for Guinevere, Arthur’s queen, kept him from seeing the Grail. A knight named Perceval (or Parsifal) saw the Grail but did not understand what it was. Only Galahad, Lancelot’s son, was pure enough to see it with full understanding of its meaning. He had to travel to a distant land called Sarras to do so, for the Grail had left Britain at some point. The vision of the Grail brought such profound ecstasy that Galahad died moments later.

For get this relic, you have to log in 5 days in game

Effect :  When attacking, you can have a chance to activate Defense Break, a skill which can reduce 20%% of your foe’s defense within 5 seconds.

The image below will tell you how much status you will get from this.


We know for some of you, it maybe not so powerful, but it’s just the beginning of awesome power!, right?.


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