[Info] How to TOP UP using MOL Nov 30, 2016



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Today topic is TOP UP using MOL. What (or who) is MOL ?,

“MOLPoints is an online micropayment system developed and operated by MOL AccessPortal Sdn. Bhd. (MOL). This payment system enables consumers nationwide to purchase online games, products and services through any one of our 12 localized portals and pay for your purchases at over 1.6 million physical, online and mobile channels in more than 80 countries worldwide.”

In easy way, they are one of our payment partner that you can use to recharge your gold in Eternal Chaos Online. Now, how do you TOP UP with it?, just follow these step below~

1. Please log in https://payment.playwebgame.com/ and then choose “Charge” menu,

2. Make sure you fill the coloumn right, check the server always because much people sometimes wrong on it. Oh yeah, because we are talking about MOL, choose MOL on provider. If it’s finish, click button charge.

3. Now you can see another coloumn to fill like this image below:

you can choose 6 nominal to top up here, each nominal has different bonus reward in event cycle game, so make sure you login to the game first before do topup. If you have done with that, please click Top Up button.

4. After that, you have to login to MOL account first. If you do not have it, please create a new one.

5. And then you will see the last step -Confirmation!. Always recheck your transaction to make sure the data and amount of your top are right. You can finish the process by clicking “Confirm and Purchase” button.

Done!, Easy right?. So that’s how you top up with MOL. Do not forget to keep any important data (your transaction number, any screenshot) as if your transaction is not success. If you still confused, you can always ask it at Official Eternal Chaos Online Fanpage.


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