Eternal Chaos Online (also known as ECO) is free-to-play 3D browser MMORPG  (or massive multiplayer online role playing game). Whether you’re new to MMOs, new to ECO, or just want to find some helpful tips on playing the game efficiently, read the article below for some great advice.

Getting Started

Eternal Chaos Online
 3D engine gives players two options to choose from: micro-client and browser when signing into the game.

Play on Micro-client
The micro-client is strongly advisable because players can receive such rewards as PERMANENT 5% Bonus EXP BUFF, Beginner Gift and avoid any accidents caused by the browser or players’ operation mistakes. Playing ECO with Micro-client can guarantee a more stable experience.

Play on Browser
Before you play on browser (Mozilla and Maxthon Browser) you must install the Fancy3D plugin. Fancy3D is a key for you when playing ECO, without Fancy3D, you can not play it on your favorite browser
(just install and allow plugin Fancy3D in browser Mozilla Firefox and Maxthon is available to play ECO except Google Chrome you must install IE Tab first.).


Create an Account
Create an account for the browser and/or the client version:

eternal chaos Play now form

1. Fill in the fields and click: “BEGIN THE JOURNEY” (IF you already have an account just click: “LOG IN”)
2. You will go to the page select-server


Pick a select server

Before you start your great journey in ECO, the first decision you have to make once you’re in the game is what server you want to play on. Each server holds one copy of the in-game world and everyone on a particular server is theoretically able to interact with each other. You can’t interact with anybody on another server, however, and it just wait to merge to another. So, if you’re playing with friends your choice is primarily about what server they’re on.

It is important to remember the server you created your account on. If you log in but cannot find your character, you may be on the wrong server. If so, sign out and sign in again. in the last login you can see the last server you enter.

If you forget which server has your character(s), contact customer service at:


Create your character.

When creating a character, you need to select a name, Sex and Class for your character.


Interface Overview

All you need to know about Eternal Chaos’s game interface can literally be summed up with just one screenshot. Don’t believe us? Well, check it out for yourself below.

In this section you can see your character Battle Rating, you can access our store and especially VIP System!
you also can change your state mode, in case you wanna be a bad fighter who always kill others.


Try to reach your friend here, or even all player in this world with Chat. There is 6 choices you can use. Total, Area, World, PM, Legion, Team

You can use all of your skill here. Every skill you got, it will auto located there. There is skill from your personal character, Mount, and any other awesome feature. You also can monitoring your auto potion with up and down the indicator, choose the relic, and many more.

All of thing you need to raise and upgrade so you will have much power to beat all Chaotic Demon. Your battle rank depends from here.

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20160520190650

Just as its name, you can easily track your quest progress from here. Finish all of them to get more resources and money!

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20160520190613

You wanna play MMORPG wihout see another player, you can do that with one of button in this section. Need some help or information? click the GM button, and send your message to us directly

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20160520191600

We will always have wonderful event to surprise. You can access here, stay tune and keep playing Eternal Chaos!

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20160520192301


Eternal Chaos is free to play game which available in small package. Choose whats best for you and join other player to explore infinite possibilities to gain your army and get ready to DOMINATE ALL REALMS