In this chaotic unvierse, all player is gathering to defeat chaotic demons which is brought to you by Red Dragon Knight!. In many case, some people will feel so unbeatable and they try to fight another player in PVP Mode!.


Player vs. Player (commonly abbreviated PvP) denotes combat between players of any kind such as:

  • Arena – You can challenge other player eery day in Arena. In this feature, all player are clashing. The higher your level, the higher your prizes.
  • 1v1 – Every battle last 5 minutes. The success decided by both side’s HP and battle rating. After the battle, the scores will be calculated, and the three players who occupy the highest scores will acquire the super title.
  • 3v3 – 3 players with highest point will hold a cool mount skin until the next 3 vs 3 battle. Accumulated scores will be cleared at the end of the month.
  • 5v5 – Coming Soon.
  • World Boss War – Cross-server Boss War is conducted three times a week. Only 10 Top player with the highest Battle Rating can join.


Eternal Chaos Online — Dominate All Realms!!
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Eternal Chaos is free to play game which available in small package. Choose whats best for you and join other player to explore infinite possibilities to gain your army and get ready to DOMINATE ALL REALMS